Wedding inclusions

Wedding inclusions

As important as choosing flowers, centerpieces and other décor are to the atmosphere of your wedding, these traditional accents do little to tell the story of your relationship. There are myriad ways that you can incorporate your story into your wedding decorations, and this is a style that will surely resonate with your friends and family. Don’t know where to start? Check out a few of the best ideas we’ve seen over the years at The Park Savoy Estate.

Aisle runner

You can tell the story of your relationship in a wholly creative way by customizing your aisle runner with pictures from notable events from the past. Incorporate events like your first date, vacation and other big milestones so you can relive every wonderful moment as you walk down the aisle.

Childhood Photos

Of course, your story doesn’t have to begin with your relationship! Childhood photos can be incorporated everywhere from bathroom doors to reception table centerpieces. A few of your most embarrassing photos from childhood are sure to put smiles on your guests’ faces and can provide a familial touch to your décor.

Wedding program

Your wedding program is another opportunity for you to be creative and share you and your significant other’s story as a couple. Something as simple as a list of “fun facts” about the two of you can provide a humorous wrinkle that your guests will love to read about as they get ready for your ceremony.

Table Names/Numbers

Why go with bland table numbers when they can say something more about the newlyweds? If you’re going with numbers, throw in an interesting fact that corresponds with each one. For instance, Table 5 could signify the 5 times the groom asked the bride out on a date, or Table 3 can be the three years they lived together before tying the knot. Additionally, giving tables names utilizing a specific theme could give you an opportunity to name your tables after milestones in your relationship you’d like to highlight.

When it comes to wedding planning, every step in the process will require a modicum of micromanaging, and that will certainly apply to the seating chart at your wedding reception. There are many considerations you’ll need to take into account to ensure that everyone is happy on your special day, and the sooner you get started, the faster it will be out of the way! Here are a few key tips to help you throughout the process from The Park Savoy Estate.

Create a spreadsheet

Organization is key to putting together a successful seating arrangement, so start the process by imputing your guests’ names into a spreadsheet and categorize their relationship to you and your significant other. This will make it much easier to create logical seating arrangements with people who may already have a great rapport.

Place your parents

One of your top seating priorities are your parents, and they should be a prominent fixture in your seating arrangement. Traditionally, the bride and groom’s parents will sit at the same table along with siblings, grandparents and other immediate family members. Of course, parent seating is extremely flexible, so be sure to speak with them directly to find a setup that best suits everyone.

Be mindful of tensions

Last but not least, you should be mindful of any existing tensions that may exist between your family members who may not be the best matches at your tables. For instance, family members who are divorced, have had family disagreements or other issues should be seated as far away from one another as possible. Think about these relationships as you put together your chart to nip any potential issues in the bud before your big day arrives.
Green vendors

Speaking of vendors, are they doing everything they can to be as sustainable as possible? Make sure to make your desire for eco-friendliness known before hiring these individuals so they can take the proper steps to reduce waste and conserve energy.

Potted plants

All of those cut flowers and arrangements cost a pretty penny and could simply go to waste after your wedding day, so a great alternative is to use potted plants. These will still provide the dash of brilliant color you’re looking for while offering the ability to be re-used by you or your guests after the ceremony.

You’ve been chosen to be the Best Man. The tuxedos are in place, the bachelor party is a-go, and you’ll traverse the Sahara Desert with no water before you’d arrive late at the rehearsal dinner. For all intents and purposes everything is in the bag, right? Well sure, it could be, but there are things to consider for your best friend’s big day. A poise and mindset that will raise you above the simple rank-and-file of Best Men.

You are The Chief Liaison

The Groom is going to be busy with photoshoots, Videographer interviews and in short, preparing for the biggest day of his life. You are his eyes and ears for the entire ceremony. Chances are you and the Maid of Honor will be exchanging status updates on your respective charges. If Someone needs The Groom, you will be the first person they look for. The President has the Press Secretary, and the Groom has you.

Knowingly or Not, The Groomsmen Will Follow Your Example

How you conduct yourself will influence the rest of The Groom’s entourage. Is your boutonnière or bowtie ajar? Are you being too casual and letting the event pass you by? Energy is infectious. Like any tone at the top, if the Groomsmen don’t see you pitching in, they’ll think they don’t have to either.

Don’t Neglect Your Other Responsibilities

Depending on the wedding, you may be expected to collect the gift envelopes brought to the reception and transport the gifts afterward (usually the couples’ home), decorate the getaway car, and drive the couple to their destination after the reception.

Despite All This, Don’t Hold it All on Your Shoulders

Okay, so now that you may or may not be having a panic attack, you should know that it all doesn’t have to fall on you. Don’t be afraid to ask the fellow Groomsmen, the Bridesmaids and even the couples’ families for assistance. The end of the Nuptials and after the cutting of the cake are optimal times to get a breather and center yourself. Even though being the Best Man is a privilege with many responsibilities, a wedding is still a day of celebration. Enjoy yourself.

Make a Checklist

Create a detailed checklist. The earlier the better. Not just the events (like the shower) but also the little details like making sure the Bride has her prescription medication, cellphone, and makeup. Going through a list of line items before the bridal party leaves for the ceremony may seem obtuse, at this point. But trust us, people will thank you for it.

When you think about it, dancing is a fairly odd activity. It’s one of the few things both a trained professional and an exuberant amateur can perform and receive positive feedback from onlookers. No amount of cavalier zeal qualifies an untrained person to perform invasive surgery. It doesn’t matter how much someone just wants to “express themselves”, if their idea of cooking is dropping something into a pot, turning the burner to high and coming back in twenty minutes. But dancing? Dancing is something people of all skill levels are capable of doing, and yet, it inspires so much fear at the thought of doing it at a social event –say, a wedding reception perhaps?

Having photo booths at receptions has become a popular trend among millennials. It was a pricy luxury in the past, but the downward cost of digital photography has made it much more affordable. They can be great fun however there are things to consider if you want to add them to your wedding.

Most photo booths can be rented from a specialized vendor or DJ, and the average cost is 1,000. The price can climb higher if you are looking for a particular aesthetic, like vintage-themed with hardwood exterior.

Does it Fit Your Wedding?

While a photo booth can seem like a great idea, you and your partner need to consider if it’s right for you. Photo booths can be a distraction. If you’ve already got a full lineup of events, you may want to skip out on something that can leave guests lining up in the corner for half the reception.

Costs too Much? D.I.Y!

If you’re set on a photo booth, but none-too-keen on the cost, it’s pretty simple to make one yourself. For best picture quality you’ll need a DSLR camera, a tripod and fabric for the backdrop. You can get creative with the backdrop as well, such as a wall of roses, propping up lanterns and vines, or even base it around a theme such as old west or pirates. Some paint and a little elbow grease can really make it so your photo booth isn’t just a side attraction, but a form of expression.


Constructing or printing any number of props can turn a photo booth from quaint gimmick to prime attraction. There is the classic mustache (bonus points for adding a monocle and top hat). Word bubbles can work as well. The chance for amusing poses lined up with bits of dialogue can provide photos that will leave you smiling for years to come

Having a wedding in the morning. To some, mornings involve waiting for the coffee to kick-in and brains to jump-start. To others, it’s a perfect way to maximize the amount of daylight you can enjoy. There is such a thing as a morning person. And although not everyone fits into this category, there are some significant advantages to having a morning wedding.

They Tend to be Cheaper

Morning weddings, along with off-day weddings like Sunday or Wednesday tend to be cheaper. They can also be easier to schedule due to their less demand as compared to their afternoon and evening counterparts.
Makes for Beautiful Pictures

A bright sun and nature in full bloom make for gorgeous wedding pictures. The plentiful lighting gives photographers a lot to work with to really make you and your party shine.

Can Accommodate Out of Town Guests

If your guests are coming in the day before the wedding, and have to fly out the day afterwards. A morning wedding can give them a chance to rest before they have to fly back and return to work. (Warning: this can backfire if their flight is scheduled to come in late the day before the wedding. Imagine not being able to tell if someone is happy to see you get married because they’re so tired their facial muscles haven’t even activated yet.)

If Your Partner is a Morning Person, They’ll be thankful.

Marriage involves commitment and sacrifice. Agreeing to a morning wedding shows your partner that you are willing to compromise for their comfort. This is a small (the small things matter) but earnest way to show them you intend to love and honor them.

Time to Enjoy and Recoup Before The Honeymoon

Okay, yes, technically the honeymoon begins right after the couple leave the reception. But often couples return to their room late in the evening and are exhausted. I’ve heard of impressive things that couples do with their day together: lazing back at sunset reading the wedding cards, going book and thrift store shopping, and having a personal dinner together. If your honeymoon involves plenty of events (like flying out the next day), an early beginning can be just the thing you’re looking for


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